Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grab a designer handbag for less!

Shop-Suey Boutique is an online store that sells designer-look-a-like handbags and accessories such as sunglasses and jewelry. They have been featured in magazines like Lucky and InStyle. It's a great place to check out if you've been lusting after that brand-name handbag, but it's out of your budget! Because even if you can afford a $800+ bag, the next thing you know there's a new "it" bag and yours is already out of style! Shop-Suey makes it easy to stay current with the fads without shelling out huge bucks.

I've personally ordered a bag from here, and I love it! I saw their link in a magazine with this adorable white handbag in it. Of course, I just had to have it after that. Although their bags aren't made of the highest quality, it's worth it if you're looking for something trendy.

Check out some of these great finds!

EDITED: Sorry guys, but apparently the individual links all just get redirected to the main handbag page! But they're easy to find if you look under the categories.

1. Colleen Satchel ($62.00)
I think having a brown bag is an essential. It goes with practically everything, and it's a great staple to add to your fall wardrobe. Plus, this bag's shape is perfect for class or for a lunch outing.

2. Samantha Handbag ($48.00)
If you're really good at spotting designer bags, can you tell which one this is supposed to look like? If you said Marc Jacobs, then you're right! You can get this in a few other colors, but I thought the black looked the most classic and could withstand time. The simple chain and quilted material make it hard for it to go out of style.

3. Cammy Clutch ($38.00)
This is perfect for you if you're looking for a trendy clutch to take on your evenings out. Nowadays clutches aren't staying small! And the black and white color of it gives it a classic, practically "Chanel" feel.

4. Panther Bracelet ($28.00)
An easy update to your outfit is wearing a show stopping bracelet, like this one. But make sure to let this panther bracelet be the main attraction by keeping any other wrist accessories to a minimum.

5. Spy Bag ($48.00)
This is an imitation of the Fendi Spy bag, which runs for a pretty steep price. But you can get this look-a-like for only $48! It's also a nice, black bag to have around. It's perfect for carrying around your essentials.

6. Barbara Satchel ($58.00)
Personally this is my favorite! I love the neutral base with the brown accents. Although I probably couldn't fit my notebooks in here, it would be a great weekend bag.

7. Giraffe Beth Hobo ($52.00)
Big fan of animal prints? Then this bag would definitely suit you! The red goes surprisingly well with the print, and gives it a nice splash of color. Remember to keep your clothes basic to prevent a pattern clash.

8. Allie Necklace ($20.00)
Chunky necklaces are very in this season. And this necklace is bound to give you that romantic-y vibe with it's heart charms, and big pearls. It would also look great paired with something tougher like a leather jacket.

♥ Celeste

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