Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Patterned knits for winter

I'm usually not a fan of fair isle patterns, or anything like it but I saw this chunky cardigan on Vanessa Hudgens and fell in love with it. I think I like it because it's not too flashy. It consists of neutral colors, such as black, grey, and white. And she keeps the rest of her outfit basic so her sweater gets all the attention. Plus, for some reason, I think these are perfect sweaters for the holidays. Maybe I'm thinking of those classic sweaters with holiday images on them, but hey, these are a lot more fashionable. And you can wear them whenever it's cold out, and not just around this season.

Vanessa's sweater is from Victoria's Secret! I know I said it was from Urban Outfitters, but my sources were wrong. Sorry about that, and thank you for the correction!

EDIT: Some other more similar versions (since apparently Vanessa's is belted)

This is another shawl cardigan alternative. If you want something lighter this will be perfect. True, this isn't a fair isle pattern, but if you'd still like some details but in a more subtle tone, this is the way to go. The pops of white and red keep the grey sweater from being just another sweater. Plus it comes with a self-tie belt so you can cinch it for a different look.

Can you tell I'm fond of grey cardigans? This sweater has patterns that are more holiday directed than the others. But it still maintains that versatile look so you don't have to be afraid of wearing it once the holidays are over. It features polar bears on the front and on the sleeves. Although this picture shows them in black, if you order online you might get it in white instead since the sweaters are assorted.

To break the pattern here is a chic tunic sweater. This features a fair isle pattern along the neckline providing an interesting detail on this otherwise monotone tunic. What's even better is that it includes pockets which are also adorned with the same color scheme pattern. It's perfect for a casual holiday gathering!

If you weren't able to tell, all the above were from Urban Outfitters. Sorry for the lack of variety, but they seemed to have the best choices of patterned knits! But don't worry, I did find these two lovely versions for cheaper. The one on the right is a similar version to the one Vanessa is wearing on her coffee run. It also features a shawl collar and more neutral patterns. The second is a cute pullover in a flattering indigo shade. It is also a different way of wearing the fair isle pattern (it's definitely a lot more subtle since it features only white and blue).
And in a more administrative note, I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts. Some people have been commenting and emailing about the depletion of updates. It's finals week right now (I have two tomorrow!) and I've been sick since Friday. I hope the rest of you are having a less hectic week than I am! I promise there will be more updating once I'm on break.
♥ Celeste

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