Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Secret Santa Fun

I know many of you are scurrying around buying your Christmas gifts for your family and friends. Just like last year, my group of seven friends and I decided to do Secret Santa. It's fun and also budget friendly (meaning you only have to get one gift instead of one for each). Since that doesn't mean we don't have to buy gifts for friends outside the group, we concluded that everyone's gift should be around $30-$40. So I've been working on my wishlist all day, and decided to share some of these chic, but cheap finds I would love to receive from my Secret Santa.

1) Studded Hem Dress, $24.80
This is a simple black dress which is always a great item to have in your closet. The best part about it, of course, are the gold studs that adorne the bottom. It gives this dress a unique spin, without making it too trendy or flashy.
2) Feather & Filigree Teardrop Earrings, $5.80
How perfect are these feather earrings? They're a great way to spice up a basic outfit. Plus the tourqoise teardrops give these earrings a great touch.
3) Kimchi Blue Printed Plaid Tunic, $29.99
This cute, plaid shirt definitely caught my eye, especially after I saw that it had been priced down from $48 to a reasonable $30. A perfect addition to my $40 and under wishlist!
4) Twist Lock Clutch, $19.80
Clutches are perfect for all the holiday parties. And I prefer this kind to the flashy, sequined clutches some people carry around. It's more subtle, and can be paired with a million outfits.
5) Leaf & Bead Necklace, $6.80
I need a new, long necklace and this caught my eye. It's fairly simple, with cute details, and is perfect for slipping it on to get that effortlessly chic looking.
6) Abstract Woven Scarf, $7.80
I can never get enough! And scarfs are perfect for adding to a wishlist that has a budget. They're fairly cheap and I like practically every design!
7) Fab Button Tab Fleece Coat, $22.50
For some reason, it feels extremely cold this winter in California. So I thought it would be practical to add this classic, navy coat to my wardrobe. Plus by itself it doesn't even add up to the minimum price limit meaning I could probably get an accessory with it too!
8) Clarissa Crochet Cardigan, $22.80
Although this probably isn't reasonable for super cold days, it's great for layering! And it will definitely make you look cozy.
♥ Celeste

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