Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Work-out Chic

I'm assuming many of you made New Year's resolutions. I made a maximum of three (I definitely wouldn't be able to keep more than that), and one of them included eating healthier and working out whenever I possibly could. And this happens to be one of the most popular New Year's resolutions, so I thought this post would be appropriate!

Now I don't know about you, but looking cute definitely puts me in the mood to get myself off my lazy butt and out the door. And you can even turn to your favorite Hollywood celebrities for some outfit inspiration when working out.

Even though these stars are getting shot by the paparazzi, they still keep their activewear simple, comfy and chic without being totally ridiculous and piling on a whole lot of makeup and jewelry. You might as well look cute while you're working up a sweat, but be realistic about accessories, hair, and makeup. You don't need to be wearing your cocktail ring to the gym, no matter how much you like it. Sure, you can keep your no-fuss, short necklace on, but keep in mind that you're still just working out. If you need to wear makeup stick to the basics, such as a little mascara, tinted moisturizer, and lip balm.

As simple as all these outfit seems, it looks a lot more put-together than just throwing on a baggy shirt and some shorts. Definitely feel free to switch different pieces together to get the look you want.

Walking the dog

Don't feel like doing anything too strenuous? Then replace your gym partner with your pet dog. There are going to be days when you won't feel like sticking to your resolutions, but even taking your dog for a half an hour walk will be more healthier than not doing anything at all. Since you're not going to be working up too much of a sweat, put on a comfortable, slightly-oversized sweater (it is winter after all), and some leggings (in a fun color), then slip on some warm moccasins. It's a perfect no-fuss outfit so you can keep your attention on your furry friend.

Whether it's outside, or the gym, running is great for your health (and your legs!). This outfit is probably more preferable for the gym, since it might be a bit chilly outside. But switch the leggings for some yoga pants and you're good to go. While sticking to blacks and greys is common for workout wear, add a pop of color by wearing a bright tank underneath your basic t-shirt so it peeks out. Just because you can't wear a funky necklace doesn't mean you're not allowed some color!
Yoga and Pilates

I'm sure some of you are devoted yoga/pilates fans. The great thing about that is you're allowed a bit more freedom with your outfit choices. Start off with your basic t-shirt, and form-fitting sweats. Since you're going to be taking your shoes off anyways, feel free to wear some comfy flip-flops for easy slip-on and slip-off. And you can just stick with your normal day bag and just add your workout essentials inside. To keep warm and look chic while going to and from your yoga/pilates class, put on a scarf in a neutral color and pattern. This accessory is easy to stuff into your bag right when you get to class so there's no fuss.

If you think running or gym-ing is too boring, take up a dance class! It's extremely entertaining, you get to meet tons of new people, and you work out practically all parts of your body. Don't feel pressured to look super cute like you might in your school classes; everyone else will be getting sweaty too! But you can still stand out by wearing a stylish graphic tee with some colorful sneakers.
♥ Celeste

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