Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Glove me

Now that the holidays are officially over, it's back to work and school. Getting up early and dragging myself out into the cold makes it harder for me to choose fashionable outfits, instead of just throwing on that old sweater. But with the help of some chic and warm accessories (and maybe a blast from the heater) it makes changing out of my pj's a whole lot easier.

I've already mentioned scarfs about a hundred times in this blog, so I think I'll stop. And although that's my first choice of cold-weather accessories, I've become attached to another. Gloves. I know some of you may wear them, but I honestly haven't worn them since elementary school. Maybe it's the fact that I never thought they were that cute and also count in the fact that I ride my bike around campus (which equals freezing fingers), I'm definitely shopping around for a pair this weekend! And not only are they a whole lot prettier than I remember, they're inexpensive which is always a plus in my book!

1) Birdseye Convertible Glove, $16.99
2) Full Length Ribbed Gloves, $6.80
3) Striped Knit Gloves, $5.80
4) Striped Angora Gloves, $8.82
5) Cherie Flower Glove, $12.50
6) Marled Shearling Mitten, $(website isn't loading for me for some reason).

♥ Celeste

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