Friday, December 19, 2008

Travel Chic

I know many of you are on your winter break and planning (or already have planned) some fun trips. I myself won't be going anywhere farther than an hour away (especially after taking that horrible five hour car drive home), but a few of my friends are already leaving for a trip tomorrow. So in case you haven't left yet, here are some of my chic traveling trips to ensure that you look as fabulous as you are comfortable!

Now when you're traveling comfort is essential. You don't want to be fussing with your clothing when you're lugging your packed bags into the airport (or trunk). One of the most important things to remember are layers. You don't want to be stuck either too cold or too hot, so make sure to wear two or three lightweight layers of clothing so they can be easily taken off. This is a good tip to remember especially on airplanes because of the fluctuating temperatures.

And now for the bottoms. I'm all for comfort, but still no pajamas or ugly sweats please. But if you don't want to wear jeans, try these cashmere pants from VS. They're more put-together, especially if you keep the top half of your outfit neat (no baggie hoodies!). I prefer to just wear some of my broken in jeans. They're just as comfortable, and you don't look like a mess.

When choosing what shoes to wear, opt for a pair that can be worn with socks. This is also an important thing to remember if you're traveling by plane. Thanks to the tight security shoes must be taken off. You don't want to be walking on the ground with bare feet. Sneakers are always a good option if you're looking for comfort. But don't overlook other options such as the cute boots featured above! They are just as cozy and snug, but a bit more fashionable.

You might think just because all your clothing is comfortable, it can't be chic. Don't be fooled! I'm a big fan of basics since you can wear them so many ways. But you can always up their fashion-y factor by adding some chic accessories! To look put together in the cold wrap a scarf around your neck. Beanies and berets are another way to stay warm and look good. Big messenger bags are perfect for all your carry-ons, and travel tags in a girly pink make it easy to find your luggage!
Stay warm and safe during your holiday trips! And of course, fashionable.
♥ Celeste

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