Monday, October 20, 2008

Wear Me: Unpack those skirts

This outfit shows a simple way to take your skirts into the colder season. In case you didn't notice, this skirt is actually from one of our previous posts! I loved the simplicity, color, shape, and best of all, the price of it.

Forever 21 Geena Short Skirt
By adding a few other pieces, you can update your skirts. Although I love the grey, "fall-ish" color of this one, don't be afraid to try out your summer skirts either. Let's say you have a bright, floral piece. All you have to do is add some dark tights, brown boots, and a dark sweater/jacket and voila -- instantly transitioned into fall! And basically we took the same idea here.

Forever 21 Ribbed Tights ($5.80)
While basic black tights are fine, I thought to add a little interest to the same-shade bottom half, ribbed tights would be better. These days lace tights are very in, but if you don't think you're ready to take it that far, this is a great alternative. It gives the outfit some texture in a discreet way.

Charlotte Russe Buckle Boots ($39.99)
Boots are a fall and winter essential, and how can it not be after looking at how you can pair it with this outfit! The buckles on the side are a nice, minimalistic detail, which toughen up the whole look. And you can afford to get another pair in a different color with this budget-friendly price.

Delias V-Neck Boyfriend Cardigan
Even though this isn't cheap, I couldn't help myself because the color of this cardi is absolutely to die for! I'm in love with "royal" colors, especially this burgundy. They're a great way to add warmth to your outfits. And while in the summer you might tuck your tank top, try tucking in your long cardigans! It's different, refreshing, and shows off your shape without the need of a belt.

Alloy Agnes Scarf
To add a little zing, add a little scarf! Its mix of colors just pulls the whole outfit together, while giving it a bohemian vibe. You should have seen the outfit before I added the scarf (yawn, boring). This accessory is affordable and gives an otherwise drab outfit a whole new spin!

Urban Outfitters Flower Ring ($18.00)
Seeing that the scarf is your prime accessory, just add a unique ring. Any cocktail ring would look fabulous with this outfit, but I picked the flower ring since it continues off with that boho theme.

Alloy Saddle Up Bag ($39.50)
Finally the bag. What I love about it is its adjustable straps. By elongating it (like in here) it goes perfectly with the outfit's I-just-threw-this-on-without-even-thinking-about-it look. And right now brown bags are a must-have for this season!

I hope this post gave you some great outfit ideas to try out! Being in a fashion-rut is never a happy thing.

♥ Celeste

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