Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Artsy Fartsy

Since fashion is a kind of art, it seems inevitable that the two should go hand in hand. What is not pretty about having an artwork like piece stitched onto a piece of clothing or printed onto a fabulous accessory? Although it might seem like this trend is a better fit for spring, it actually works superbly well in this season! Stick away from floral prints because no matter how pretty they are, they don't really fit. Go for abstract and painting-like pieces instead.

In case you don't get quite what I mean, here are couple great examples:

See what I mean by not having "spring floral prints"? These are great alternatives to that. The colors are a lot more dark, and could really work for any season. Just because it's getting colder doesn't mean you can't wear your dresses!

(On the left): Silence & Noise Abstract Floral Shift $34.99 (On the right): Print Tank Dress $49.50.

These two tops show a more subtle version of the artsy print trend. The simple colors and the curved lines give each top a certain elegance. And you don't have to be afraid of stripes to try these out.

(On the left): Simply Vera Vera Wang Smocked Swirl Top $27.00 (On the right): One Shoulder Top $22.80.

These show how the trend works just as well on accessories. By adding one of these to a basic outfit, it amps up your look!

(On the left): Juicy Couture Rory Flat $107.90 (On the right): Floral Tote $19.50.

Not sure if you're reading for a full-out version of this look? Then simply add something smaller, like some jewelery or head accessories. I mean, how cute is the bangle and the headband?

(On the left): Painterly Peacock Resin Bangle $12.00 (On the right): Peggy Cutout Headband $5.80.

What do you guys think? Is this a trend you'd try out? Or maybe you already have!

♥ Celeste

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