Friday, October 17, 2008

Order a banner from us!

Would you like a banner for your blog/site but you don't know how to make one and just can't find one on the web that you like? Well then why not get us to make you your own custom banner? For a very small fee, we will make you your banner while you list everything you want on it! It's as simple as that.

Here are the different types that we're willing to do:
1. Tres Simple ($5)
Kind of like the one we have on right now on Style Tabloid, this is the one you'd choose if you want something fairly basic. For this pick, size is irrelevent to the cost!
- plain, one color background
- any width, height, size is okay!
- a word or few words of text
- optional: one, simple picture (like how we have a crown necklace!)
* Click here for an example.

2. Inbetween ($7-$10)
We thought it'd be fair to have something in the middle of the really basic package and the extreme package. This is probably going to work for you if maybe you want a more complex background or a few more pictures. But overall the look is still going to be fairly simple.
- plain OR patterned/complex background
- most of the time any size will be okay (unless the pictures/bkg will be hard to work with)
- a word or few words of text
- two to eight pictures (depending on size/complexity)
* Click for an example. Second example. (Of course this isn't a banner, but this is an idea of how it'd look like).

3. Collage ($15-$20)
This style is definitely more unique, and you can be sure it won't look like anyone elses. But of course this style definitely takes a lot more time and effort to create. This is why the size of your banner will affect the cost. The bigger it is, the more space we will have to fill.
- many, many pictures (which you must provide)
- width, height, and size will factor into the cost
- title is okay (but preferably not a lot of text, since it will just be lost in the pictures)
* Click here for an example.

Even if you're just interested, feel free to leave us a comment or drop us an e-mail if you have any questions. Don't be afraid to talk it out with us, because if you realize it's not going to work for you it's no problem at all! We can always try to work something out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we only accept paypal.

Please fill out this form if you'd like to request a banner:
Package: (choose tres simple, inbetween, or collage)
What kind of background: (choose a color, or give us a link to a bkg. n/a for the collage package)
What text: (leave whatever saying/title/words you'd like featured on your banner)
Pictures if any: (depending on your package leave links to the number of pictures you want on your banner)
Size: (leave the width and height you'd like your banner to be. ie: 600px by 200 px)
Any other comments:

And email it to

PS: This offer is available as long as Style Tabloid is still running :)

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