Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scarfs are your best friend

Hey ST readers! I'm a new addition to the team, and if you haven't noticed I've revamped the layout to this one. I think it's a lot cleaner, unique, and definitely fits the theme of our site.

For my first post, I'll make a tribute to one of my favorite accessories: scarfs. Unfortunately, it's not cold enough in my area to wear cardigans, let alone scarfs. But I'm sure for most of you, who live in more normal parts of the world, are already getting ready for the cold weather by bundling up. The best thing about scarfs are that they are totally functional, but can also turn an outfit from drab to fab! You can be wearing an all black outfit, but all you have to do is add a bright, yellow scarf and voilà -- instantly chic.

Here are a couple cute ones I've found browsing the net:

(On the left): Urban Outfitter's Buffalo Plaid Scarf $28.00. (On the right): Juicy Couture's Logo Triangle Scarf $95.00.
♥ Celeste

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