Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Winter Hats are Both Cute and Warm

I'm usually not a huge fan of head accessories, but I've really come to like the winter berets/beanies. Like I said, I'm a huge fan of accessories in general, and these hats do wonders of giving a new spin to an outfit. Plus they keep your head warm and I'll slip them on if my hair isn't looking so great in the morning.

I searched online for a couple and saw that there were so many I wanted! I have a white one a friend bought for me, but I want to get another that's a bit thicker. Currently Urban Outfitters is my favorite place to shop for them since they have so many varieties and they have the style that I want. But Forever 21 has a couple too for a lot cheaper. If you're unsure about trying these hats, I'd suggest buying one from there in a simple design.

Hand Knitted Button Beret $28.00

This is the one I'm thinking of buying from UO. It's still fairly simple, but I love the cute buttons on the side. It's gives a knitted beret a little more uniqueness. They come in black, a dark brown, a bright blue, and grey. I love them in all the colors, but the yellow and grey are my favorites.

Cable Stitch Beret $24.00

This is a slightly cheaper option. It's a cable knit which is also a good option if you really need to keep warm. If you have dark hair like the model above, the red would be amazing. There's also a dark turquoise which is super pretty and would look great if you have lighter hair.

Flower Cloche $28.00

If you love girly details, this hat is a great buy! It gives off a more feminine vibe than the other two. It's like the winter alternative to wearing a headband with a bow or flower.

Spring & Clifton Bow Beret $38.00

Maybe you've already tried this trend and are looking for something different. This beret is adorned with a fabulous black and white bow. It's very Blair-esque and would look fantastic with a trench or jacket in a bright color.

Fab Pointelle Beret $5.50

Not ready to spend over $25 on a hat? These options at Forever 21 are just as cute! This is another simple design to try out, and since they're so affordable why not get two in different colors?

Pom Pom Crochet Beanie $7.80

This is a less expensive version of the Cable Knit Beret from UO. This is better for you than the first option if you want something chunkier.

Chunky Beret $8.80

I love the color of this! Just because the weather has gotten dreary doesn't mean your outfit has to too! This beret comes in three other eye-catching colors to brighten up your cold, cloudy days.

Autumn Knit Beanie $9.80

Maybe this isn't the best option for warmth, but you can't deny that it's cute and definitely lightweight. If it honestly doesn't get that cold in your area, try this one out! You might think it would be a bit ridiculous to be wearing a chunky winter hat when it never gets too cold where you are, but don't let that discourage you from trying these adorable accessories!

Have I convinced you yet? :)

♥ Celeste

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