Sunday, January 31, 2010

Elvi Plus Size Clothing

It is always tough finding trendy, pretty plus-size clothing. So it is hard not to share when you stumble upon a plus-size fashion retailer that stocks amazing clothes. Elvi has pretty cardigans in bright colors, embroided party tops, and much more, including jewelry. Luckily they ship outside of the UK so ordering online is simple and easy. Their website is also pain free to navigate. Elvi organizes their clothing by garments and you can also browse by outfits. The “shop by outfit” option allows you to view the clothing by occasion. And this is all set up by Elvi’s designers. From looking through their best sellers you are provided with options including a buttery leather jacket, an amazing winter coat, and the perfect little black dress. Elvi also has the perfect basics that every girl needs in her closet. The well-fitting tank tops and t-shirts come in a variety of bright colors, which are not overly expensive. But besides the basics, Elvi also stocks dresses and tops with gorgeous patterns. This shows that anyone can wear patterns and prints, not just stick thin girls. My personal favorite pieces are the Paprika Long Cardigan, the Stretch Crepe Trouser, and the Cowl Neck Jumper. Elvi has plus size fashion for sizes 16 and up so make sure to check them out!

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