Thursday, October 9, 2008

Drab: Logo Overexposure

Everyone loves a good designer item. Especially if it's Chanel, for me anyways. But one thing that will always bug me is blaringly, obvious designer logos. Yes, designers do this on purpose to get their brand out there, which I completely understand. But if you're going to be carrying around an item that has as big of a logo as those two red C's on Ashley Tisdale's bag, then you should keep everything else down to a minimum. But no, she decided that she wasn't doing enough advertising so she decided to add the very apparent necklace too. If you can see it from these pictures, then it's too big/obvious! If you don't keep up with these DC stars, then you don't know that Tisdale is known for her flashy designer bags while out and about, on her daily trips to the Coffee Bean.

Don't make this mistake folks! No matter how much you love an item, keep the backward C's and the LV patterns on just one item in your outfit.

★ Chloé

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