Friday, October 24, 2008

Unique Goodies at Fred Flare (part 2)

This is the second part to the previous Fred Flare post. The first one featured apparel and accessories, but this one features pretty much everything that doesn't fit in the first category. These are only a small percentage of the cute and quirky things that are on their site. All of the items in this post can be found under the "At Home" section on

Now I tried to pick a variety of things just to show you what kind of amazing items they carry. And if you do decide to order something, put in this discount code: "store cute" when you check out to save $7.95 on shipping!

(Two different views): Secret Book Camera $55.00.

This 110 camera imported from Japan is crafted to look like a vintage book. It's about 5 inches long and 2 inces wide; perfect for carrying it around in your bag.

(On the left): Candy Cane Shot Glasses $8.00 (On the right): Le Petit Prince Eau De Toilette $32.00.

For $8 you get two of these edible candy cane flavored shot glasses! I know Christmas is still a long ways ahead, but it's never too early to stock up on these for your upcoming holiday party. And who remembers the Little Prince and loved it? Now you can get a perfume inspired by it (alcholol-free), that smells like oak and cedar with a little bit of citrus.

(Two different views): Ice Cream Truck Lip Balm Set $16.00.

This comes with a set of six different flavor lip balms, like Very Cherry Vanilla and Rocky Road. Plus what is not cute about the case it comes in?

(Two different views): Reduce Your Carbon Footprint $13.95.

This book is a great gift (either for yourself or someone you know) for tips on how to save the beloved planet we live on. It is packed with 128 pages of great information in a colorful theme.

(Two different views): Mini Robo Vacuum $20.00.

This small vacuum cleans up all your little messes and it's cute! Just press a button on the top and it will be on it's way cleaning up crumbs and pencil shavings. They come in three different colors and they're only $20! I'm ordering one for the boyfriend (he could so use it).

(Two different views): Illustration by Fashion Designers $40.00.

How could I not include this? For $40 you can get a book filled with sketches from all your favorite designers. It features drawings by Betsey Johnson, Karl Lagerfeld, and many more.

(Two different views): Kate Spade 2009 Desk Calendar $20.00.

This calendar designed by Kate Spade herself is filled with amazing "road trip"-inspired imagery. It contains monthly and weekly pages, plus extra lined pages for jotting down notes. This luxe desk calender is a great way to start the new year off!

(On the left): Wacky Bandages $9.00 (On the right): "I am not a Paper Cup" $22.00.

This is only one out of the many designs they feature. Don't like having kisses on your scrapes? Try the tattoos or the toast! And, the "paper cup" you see on the right isn't actually made of paper, and is totally re-usable. It's made of white porcelain and is eco-friendly and dishwasher friendly!

(Two different views): Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray $10.00.

For only $10 dollars you can drink a cup filled with jewels. These are great for spicing up party drinks!

(On the left): Lipstick Ballpoint Pen $5.00 (On the right): Rain Parade Mini Umbrellas $32.00.

Another disguise, this lipstick is actually a pen. It's good for carrying around in your purse to write down all those guys' numbers. And you're sure to get noticed carrying around one of these cute umbrellas. They're made to look like they're wearing a raincoat and rainboots!

Sorry it took an abnormally long time to get this up. I accidentally fell asleep for three hours. It was midterm week ya know? Tell me your thoughts!

♥ Celeste

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