Saturday, October 25, 2008

One Shirt Two Ways

I know you've probably read this on every fashion blog out there, but yes our economy is not in a pretty state right now and we're all doing everything we can to hang on to our cash. But that doesn't mean you have to stop shopping! A good idea is to splurge on one high quality, basic item you can wear all season in a million ways. And when I say splurging I don't necessarily mean $100 for a shirt. You can find good quality tees for as little as $25 at places like J.Crew, Macy's, and Express. Especially go to the clearance racks because you're sure to find amazing discounts on simple tanks and sweaters.

Now to get your money's worth on an expensive piece of clothing, you've gotta wear it! This doesn't mean you should stick with the same outfit everytime; this definitely will not motivate you to wear this piece more often. The best and easiest way to bring out different looks is by pairing it with different accessories.

In this post I'll teach you how to take this J.Crew long-sleeve tee and get two separate outfits.

Outfit 1
Make this fun, yellow tee casual by pairing it with some easy accessories. This is perfect for a day out with friends or for getting to all your classes.

J.Crew Tissue Long Sleeve V-Neck Tee
($32.00 or 2 for $50)
This shirt is made out of lightweight cotton which is perfect for layering. They're a basic essential, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring! You can get them in bright colors like this yellow, blue or orange.

PacSun Venice Skinny Dark Indigo
($39.50 or 2 for $55)
These dark, comfy skinny jeans give a nice contrast against the brightness of the tee. This pair will probably last you a while too, and you can get two different styles for a great deal!

Charlotte Russe Python Ballet Flats ($18.99)
To spice up the basic ensemble, add these faux-leather python flats. You can go a little crazy with the shoes since the rest of the outfit is very simple. And don't be afraid to dress these up or down.

Forever 21 Summer Scarf ($5.50)
Even though this is called a "summer" scarf, it's excellent if you're looking for a scarf that isn't chunky, yet still keeps you warm.

Payless Lindsay Mid Satchel ($9.99)
This bag's structured design balances out the casualness of the outfit. It's a perfect everyday bag because its neutral color goes with everything. And for a mere $10 you can add it to your closet without breaking the bank.

Forever 21 Satin Chic Headband
Whether going to class or going out shopping, you want to keep your hair out of your face. This headband does the job. But don't let it get boring by picking one with small details like this one.

Forever 21 Mixed Hearts Chain Bracelet ($6.80)
Forever is the best place to get trendy accessories for cheap (which is why it's featured so much). Add some bling by getting this chunky charm bracelet.

Outfit 2

The second outfit is a bit dressier. Just because a tee is casual by itself, doesn't mean you can't transform it!

Old Navy Tipped Blazer ($18.99)
This blazer comes in two great colors, both very versatile. By wearing this over the yellow tee, you tone it down without making it completely boring. The shirt pops out against the dark colors.

Forever 21 Lindsey Skinny Jeans ($12.50)
These jeans are a total steal! To keep on track with the dressiness, pick a darker more tight fitted pair.

Target Ariel Patent Oxford Booties
Exchange your flats for these high heeled booties to add length. And for a budget friendly price you can add the trendy Oxford look into your outfit.

Kohl Quilted Knot Clutch
Since the blazer covers up most of the tee, you can add this adorable clutch in emerald without having to worry about it clashing. It's another easy way to add a burst of color to a dark outfit.

Urban Outfitters Coiled Serpent Ring ($16.00)
To make the outfit more interesting, add this unique serpent ring. It's a great way to be a little creative without taking away from the structured feel.

And remember, these are only two out of a thousand different outfits. Try layering this over vests and cardigans. Wearing it with pumps and skirts. Don't be afraid to try new things!

♥ Celeste

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