Monday, October 27, 2008

Chic for Cheap: Ashley Tisdale

So for the poll it was a tie between Ashley Tisdale and Rachel Bilson. I just thought I'd do Ashley's first because she was the first one on the poll and she just had a hit movie out (High School Musical 3, which ranked in about $48+ million already!). Now this outfit I picked is casual and fun. And the great thing is it's perfect if you want to keep warm, but not look bulky. Just layer up, and if it's not that cold where you live yet, you can still wear your sandals! If it's already freezing, you might want to exchange those for some boots, and maybe add a scarf or a warmer piece of outerwear.

Although most of her outfit is pretty reasonably priced, her bag probably isn't for most of you. Chanel purses usually go for at least $1,000. But don't worry, we found a way you can get her look without spending even half that.

(On the left): Charlotte Russe Sweater Dress $28.99 (On the right): Target Haycombe Dress $29.99.

(On the left): Alloy Boyfriend Cardigan $24.50 (On the right): Old Navy Cardigan $26.50.
(On the left): Forever 21 Leggings $4.50 (On the right): Urban Outfitters Footless Tights $9.99.

(On the left): Old Navy Flip Flops $3.50 (On the right): Target Suede Flip Flops $9.99.
(On the left): Forever 21 Quilted Chain Strap Handbag $26.80 (On the right): Asos Oversized Patent Quilted Clutch $62.40.

Total: ~$88 (counting the cheaper of the two)

Here are the links to some of the originals in case you want the exact items:
Havaianas Crystal Peace Sign Flip Flops, $48.00.
Juicy Couture Jersey Camisole Dress, $ unavailable.

♥ Celeste

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