Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Costumes Under $30

Halloween is coming up, and who doesn't have a costume yet? I know I decided last minute to do something. If you're creative you can always put together something fun with what you already have. A friend of mine is wearing a leopard print dress and just adding some ears which can be bought at any Halloween store for cheap. Or you can always look online and get ideas. I was browsing through some costumes, and I realized many of them would be fairly simple to imitate. All you would have to actually buy would be a few accessories.

But then again, some of you would rather just buy a whole Halloween costume instead of doing all that. Or say you just don't have anything to work with, or you have something specific you would like to be this year. Don't worry, I'm one of those people. But it definitely hurts to fork over $40+ for something you will wear only once out of the entire year. And even if you say you will wear it again next year, it's hard to get your money's worth. Honestly, I don't like wearing the same costume twice in a row anyways.

To save you a lot of trouble, I compiled some costumes all for under $30! These are from three stores that are most likely around your area, so if you think you won't be able to order them on time, just drive there to check them out! Maybe you'll even be able to find things that was out of stock online.


Dorothy Costume $19.00

Super Girl Costume $23.00

Mod Chic Costume $29.99

Funky Mod Costume $12.49

Hop Diva Costume $29.99

Southern Belle Costume $20.99

Knock Out Girl Costume $25.00

Sexy Ball Player Costume $27.50

Sexy Maid Costume $26.25

Sexy Referee Costume $26.25

If you still don't want to spend for these costumes, I hope at least this gave you some ideas. Be creative and have fun with it! And don't forget to take a lot of pictures.

♥ Celeste

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