Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ordering Boots from Charlotte Russe

So I don't know if you guys remember my previous post about finding these cheap boots at Charlotte Russe. I know that shopping online there is still fairly a new thing because I only just found this out two weeks ago! And in case it's new for you too, or you've never ordered from there before but are curious this post should be helpful for you!

These are the boots I ordered from them. Unfortunately, they must have just ran out of the product because I couldn't find it on their website anymore. But they have gotten in a few more new shoes, like the Suede Buckle Boots that come in three different colors and for only $34.99. Charlotte Russe's website is very easy to navigate. They separate their apparel into casual tops and dressy tops, dresses, denim and bottoms. Then they also have footwear, accessories, jewelry and sleepwear. And then those different categories each are separated into more sections, which make it very, very easy to find what you're looking for.

So, I ordered the boots I wanted (in black) for $39.99. They had free shipping (which is always amazing) so the total only came out to about $43.90. Which is what I would have paid if I bought them in the actual store anyways. That was a huge plus for me. They said that my package would arrive in 6-10 days, and it actually came when it said it was going to come. I was able to track my boots through the FedEx website, and got them promptly on the expected delivery date.

The boots themselves look exactly like they do on the website. This was a relief since they only have one angle you can look at them on the site (one of the minuses).

I ordered them a half size bigger (I'm usually a 7.5). I admit they weren't a perfect fit, and if they made these in half sizes it would make them a whole lot better. But I'll be wearing these boots with jeans or tights and socks anyways, so it wasn't a big disappointment. Yes, they aren't made of the best material, but I was expecting that. I was adjusting the three straps near the bottom and you can feel right away that the material is cheaper and it's not made with the highest attention to details. I put the straps on the very tightest hole, and actually had to puncture one of them myself since it wasn't punched through all the way.

But overall I'm pretty satisfied with my order. I knew what I was expecting. I basically wanted a pair of faux-leather, flat boots but everything I saw was well over $100. I'm sure these won't last me forever, but at least this is a way for me to try out this boot trend to see if I even like it without splurging. And from these I know that in the future (when I'm a little less broke) I can buy a pair of nice, black boots and be satisfied with them forever.

So if you'd love to add some boots to your wardrobe this season for cheap, Charlotte Russe is a great place to start looking. And not only for footwear, they have cute dresses, jewelry, and tops. It's definitely worth looking through!

♥ Celeste

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