Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mad for plaid (overused, I know)

I see plaid everywhere these days, and not just on shirts and jackets. I see them on handbags, scarfs, headbands, and even tights (who would have thunk?). And this trend comes in a multitude of color combinations, ranging from classic to trendy.

My plaid must-have is a shirt in a black and white or blue. I'm also looking into some scarfs in more unique colors such as this blue and pink one from Forever 21. If you really want to stand out, you can try some plaid tights like the ones Taylor Swift is wearing above. With her patterened scarf you'd think it would be too much, but it oddly works.

If you're like me and want to add an article of plaid clothing, shop around for some cute tops, jackets, and skirts that appeal to you. Plaid comes in so many colors and different patterns that it won't be hard to find one that you like. I like the sweater above since it's in neutral colors that balances out the heavy lines. Plus the shape of the top itself is very feminine. The same goes for the skirt. You don't want to buy bottoms in anything too colorful unless you're planning on only wearing it once or twice. Coats are another easy find. Many stores carry a variety of plaid jackets in different shapes and colors. So take your pick!

Plaid doesn't just appear on clothing anymore. You can find them on handbags, tights, and shoes. Finding the perfect kind may be a bit harder if you're looking for long wear. Go for simple colors if you want to continue using your item for a longer amount of time, like the tote bag above. And while plaid tights may not be for everyone, they usually don't go for more than $7 so don't be afraid to try them out if you feel you can work it. And for a touch of preppiness, go for plaid flats with a metal buckle.

Want something a little smaller than that? Don't worry you can get just that little pinch of plaid into your outfit with accessories such as head clips, headbands, and scarfs. Pick whatever you like. If you'd still like to keep it classic go for something like the Burberry inspired scarf. Or go bold and get a headband in a bright orange, which will stand out against your hair. Plus this is an easy to way to try out a trend without splurging.
I'm already staking my claim on a couple coats I found online. I can already imagine them in my closet...
♥ Celeste

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