Monday, December 1, 2008

Dancing in the rain

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! I had a great Thanksgiving and birthday. I definitely got the cake I'd been craving all month long. My Black Friday shopping was a bit disappointing though! I didn't get many items on my "list", but I did manage to snag a plaid jacket I'd been lusting for plus a bundle of accessories. There's still the Holiday sales though right?

Anyways, I'm in desperate need of a pair of fashionable rainboots after dreading the puddles and mud last week. (Although of course it's bright and sunny now). The weather here is so unpredictable that I'm sure I can't rely on the skies being clear for long. So I thought I'd share some of my rainboot finds!

1) Leopard Rain Boots, $24.80
2) Chooka Signature Printed Rain Boots, $59.95
3) Zetta Tall Rain Boots, $24.99
4) Puddle Rain Boots, $24.80
5) Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Rain Boots, $59.95
6) Hunter Original Rain Boots, $115.00

I especially like the Sperry Top-Sider ones. The color is so clean and simple, and so is the design. Although I'm not sure how practical white rainboots would be. They're fabulous nonetheless!

♥ Celeste

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