Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not so basic tees

I am a huge fan of graphic tees. It just sort of happened starting this year. It's a great way to be comfortable and stylish just by pulling on an article of clothing. You don't even need to spice it up with a ton of accessories! (Plus, they're usually very inexpensive).

Personally I'm not fond of shirts with "witty" sayings on them, but words are okay if they're minimal and don't really refer to anything in particular (such as "peace" or "love"). Overall though, I like uncommon patterns, subdued animal prints, and one solitary image. I'm currently coveting this "LOVE" graphic tee that I saw on the Forever 21 website, but could not for the life of me find it in the actual store over Thanksgiving break! I was very disappointed. But here are some other great ones I found!

1) Animal Print Tee, $10.00
2) Paint Splatter Tee, $12.80
3) Plaid Peace Sign Tee, $28.00
4) Oui Paris Curved Hem, $28.00
5) Flower Tee, $22.50
6) Hello Kitty Holiday Tee, $18.90

For my next post I'll show you guys this pair of suede booties I bought! And sorry for the lack of longer worded posts; finals are a pain in the butt. I'm sure many of you are dealing with the same. But don't worry, a long winter break is already up ahead!

♥ Celeste

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