Sunday, January 25, 2009

Forever 21's new line

Have you heard of the new line of shirts Forever 21 has launched? "Inspired by the cool kids of Tokyo and Paris, Shibuya Mon Amour is girly, street, punk and fashion. Live it, love it. Shibuya Mon Amour."

When I heard, I had to check them out since I love myself some graphic tees. They only have a few up at the moment, but the line consists of simple, animal illustrations on black, gray, and white tops. Another plus? The price tag; it ranges from $14 to $18. They're a great way to update your basic color tee, and would look fantastic paired with some trendy accessories.

The above three are my favorites:
1) Owl Cotton Tunic, $17.80
2) Leopard Face Tank, $13.80
3) Wing-Spread Eagle Tee, $15.80

What do you guys think of Shibuya Mon Amour?

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