Thursday, February 26, 2009

Easy DIY project

It's always a downer when you are in a desperate need for a little shopping therapy but you don't have the extra cash to splurge. One of the best (and cheap) ways to re-invent your wardrobe and make your clothes seem new are to do DIY mini projects on them. I personally wouldn't try to put any embellishments on shirts or sweaters for fear of ruining them instead, but ripping up tights with a simple pin is easy for anyone to do.

I saw this DIY: Ripped Tights post at Miss at la Playa's blog, and I can't wait to try it on a pair of my old tights.

Here's an excerpt from her post:
" This is very easy to do. Remember how upset you used to get when your tights ripped? Now you can wear them instead of throwing them out. Follow the trends the girls from LA in The Cobra Snake are wearing.

Maybe it is too much for you, but I assure you that if you do it well, some runners on your stockings will look très bien.


-A pair of tights. It can be any colour, but it looks better on black. You can use an old pair with previous runners on it, but if you want to buy new tights for this experiment, you can go to H&M, there are good quality tights just for 3 $.


1. Put the tights on. It will be better as the holes/runners will be at the exact place you want them to be, plus, the ripping is easier as the tights are stretched.
2. Take a pin and pull out a thread. Then, with your hands, pull the thread until a runner appears.
3. Stretch the fabric to extend the runner.


Just pull more threads with the pin to create paralell runners. This is my favourite effect, it looks like you bought it like that. Don't make any holes, it won't look too grunge.


When you pull the thread with the pin, start a runner and with your hands make holes along the runner. "

All images and steps courtesy of Miss at la Playa.

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