Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lust du jour: JJ Winters bag

I am currently obsessed with this JJ Winters Suede Fringe Bag. Honestly, I never was a big fan of fringe, especially on shoes and bags. But for some reason this bag grew on me quite quickly. It's in a nice messenger, hobo shape with a braided handle that gives off that same bohemian vibe that the fringe does. But the main reason I'm fond of this fringe bag compared to all the other versions floating around is the fact that it comes in gray. I know it doesn't seem like such a high criteria, but I can't seem to find a cheaper version in this color anywhere. Fringe bags tend to come in only two colors -- black and brown. But with the $400 price tag the JJ Winters bag comes in, all I'll be able to do is lust from my computer screen.

Vanessa Hudgens carrying around her fabulous JJ Winters Suede Fringe Bag that should be riding on my shoulder instead.

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