Monday, August 3, 2009

My Top 5 Fashion Blogs

While this might not exactly be a "fashion" post, it definitely has to do with fashionable people so I thought it was appropriate. Although I've really only been reading fashion blogs for about a year and a half, I've looked through many but only have about five that I am seriously devoted to. (Enough to sit there for twenty minutes looking back through previous posts). And lucky for me all of these bloggers happen to post very frequently, which is always A+ in my book.

1) Cupcakes and Cashmere.
Right from the name I had a feeling I would love this blog. Emily posts everyday (not including weekends) with a short, but (very) sweet post. She always includes the best pictures, not even including her amazing outfits. Her "what I wore" posts never fail to inspire.

2) Fashion Toast.
Though I had heard the hype for a while, I haven't started reading Rumi's blog till recently. And I'm disappointed I got into it so late! Her outfit posts are definitely the highlight of her blog. Her style is unique and funky and her photos themselves are always artistically taken.

3) Nitrolicious.
My favorite blog to go to for fashion news I know I'll be interested in. Her shoe collection is to die for, but I'm always excited when she does "H&M Luv" posts which features her favorite pieces from the store.

4) College Fashion.
Even if you're not in college, this blog is entertaining to read. From the "Would you wear..." to current trend posts, everything is wonderfully written. I adore the posts such as, "5 Style Mistakes Every Girl Makes" and "How to Manage Your Wardrobe". I always end up finding the best tips on this blog.

5) Tulle Tarte.
Although it's a new finding, I like this blog for it's wider range of subjects. It is mainly fixed on fashion, including outfit posts which I'm a sucker for, but also focuses on design and yummy food.

Now I'm curious to know what everyone else's 5 favorite fashion blogs are!

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