Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Have You Heard?: Fashion Confidential

If you’re unfamiliar with Fashion Confidential, you are missing out! They are a website dedicated to bringing fashionistas like you amazing designer finds. Yet unlike typical sites, they don’t actually sell the items themselves. Instead, they do all the work for you and bring you the best designer finds from all over the web to one place for easy shopping. Fashion Confidential makes it painless to browse for designer clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. But don’t worry recessionistas, there is also a Bargain Hunter section on the website for discounts on designer goodies.

Oh wait, there’s more! Fashion Confidential recently launched their own online magazine that is a “must-check-out”. If you are interested in anything designer fashion, then you’ll be sure to be interested in their online magazine which can be viewed directly from their website. The Fashion Confidential magazine includes information about the newest trends, the latest collections from the designers, how to create trendy looks, and lots more.

The Fashion Confidential magazine is set up to look like a real print magazine, with a clean, crisp layout and seamless organization, but with a lot more convenience. Their November 2009 issue is currently available for viewing online. (Check it out here!) The first page shows a neat table of contents with the second page diving directly into designer fashion content. (With the easiness of being able to click links featured on any of the pages). Unlike some other online magazines, Fashion Confidential magazine makes all 40 something pages a breeze to read on the computer. It also helps that if some delightful piece happens to catch your eye, you have the option of ordering it right then and there from their website. So even if I am not shopping for anything, I will definitely be checking out Fashion Confidential every month for their online fashion magazine.

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