Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Goodies at American Eagle

I know for a lot of you fall weather is full-on, but even if you already went shopping for your fall wardrobe, what's the harm in adding more? Our motto is that girl can never have too many clothes. Especially if you're stocking up on pieces that can be worn over and over without it ever going out of style.

Here are some cute finds that will be a great addition to your closet:
1. Boyfriend Vest for $34.50
These come in two other colors, but we like the blue since it stands out, but it's still basic enough to re-create a thousand outfits if you're creative. It would give a vintage-y feel under a long sleeve, striped tee with layers of necklaces. Or wear it under a coat to give a pop of collar. This vest is so versatile since it works for any season.
2. Plaid scarf for $19.50
The great thing about this scarf compared to other plaid scarfs is that the pattern is subtle. You can wear this on top of a shirt even if it does have a strong pattern since the scarf won't compete with it. Like I said in my previous post scarfs are your best friend!
3. Skinny 77 jeans for $49.50
These jeans are a great addition to your fall wardrobe. The color is a black rinse which is a great update from your basic blue skinny jeans. Tuck these into your favorite fall boots for a streamlined look.
4. Plaid Peacoat for $129.50
Even though this might be a bit pricey for some of you frugal fashionistas, this is a classic piece of outerwear that will probably last for quite while. The color and pattern are time-tested combinations; this will never go "out of style". It's a good item to invest in if you live in a colder climate. You can transition right into winter with this classic peacoat.
5. Sparkle Party Shoes for $44.50
I know you might be wondering why I chose these shoes for fall. I know they're called "party shoes" but the cork heels and the neutral color of the sandals makes it easy to wear with a casual outfit. The great things about these shoes are that they will look amazing worn under some dark grey tights and a fall skirt. Plus, this is another great item that will last you through any season.

♥ Celeste

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