Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sneak a peek at Gossip Girl

I know many of you love and envy Blair Waldorf's wardrobe on the hit tv show Gossip Girl. (If only I could afford that Dior handbag of hers...). This is a sneak peek of one of Blair's fabulous outfit from an unaired episode.

I really love that coat of hers. Of course Blair would wear it in her signature color -- red. And she makes sure it's known by wearing red shoes and carrying a red purse.

If you can afford this Milly Diamond Wool/Rayon Viscose Coat, then feel free to splurge since I will leave you with the link. I will also be extremely jealous if you can afford the $684.00 price tag.

Her Dior Large Quilted Patent Lady Bag is probably a lot more expensive than that. Unfortunately I couldn't find it available in any stores. I'm sure if you look hard enough though you can find some great knock-offs.

PS, I hope everyone's Monday is going well. I just came back from taking a crazy hard midterm and can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving.

♥ Celeste

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