Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fine Jewelry Splurge

While we're all for fashion jewelry, especially with this sort of economy, jewelry can also be one of those items that you splurge on and keep with you forever. Personally I only have one or two pieces that are like this, but it was well worth the investment. My favorite is a simple, gold necklace with a small, dangling charm. It’s perfect for when I need an understated piece of jewelry to go with my outfit.

If you are like me and tend to stick to more cheap, fashion jewelry because it has more fun, unique pieces, it can be a little harder to find a piece you would like to splurge on. But not to worry, it just takes some more time to find stores like these. One fine jewelry store site I came across is Compton & Woodhouse. They do feature many classic jewelry pieces (ie: studs, charm bracelets, etc) but they also carry a very good selection of pieces that jump out. Their fine jewellery section has a lot of options to browse through. The prices are also pretty reasonable. There are not any pieces I looked at where I literally gasped just from the price (which happens quite often these days, trust me). The prices are shown in euros, but there is a currency conveter on every page for easiness. If you are looking for pretty, long-lasting items of jewelry for a good price, definitely check out Compton & Woodhouse.

I spent a good amount of time looking through the site since there are so many options! Plus, everything kept grabbing my eye. But here are a few of my favorite jewelry pieces. (Prices are approximates).

A perfect everyday gold bracelet, yet the intricate design keeps it from looking just like any other bracelet.

Protective Garnet Earrings, $177
Scarlett Fire Earrings, $162
While I usually wouldn't give a second glance to these stones, the gold lining embracing them just made them extra special. And the perfect girly earrings, the Scarlett Fire earrings are a great pop of color.

Rose Cameo Ring, $340
Shiva Necklace, $126
Vintage looking rings have been all the rage recently, but unlike the others, this piece is sure to last you a lifetime. And while the Shiva necklace isn't a typical jewelry item you'd see in most fine jewelry stores, it's definitely something you won't see on anyone else.

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